The Best Book

I am writing this article from my church office. There are shelves that run along two walls holding hundreds of books that have become part of my library over 29… Read more »

Renewal of Focus

In the most recent Church Smart flier there is a book mentioned and reviewed, Knocking Over the Leadership Ladder by Paul Ford. In that review there were a couple of… Read more »

Remembering What Is Important

In my spiritual journey there were things that I thought, beliefs I embraced, and traditions I practiced that have changed. These changes have been the result of being introduced to… Read more »

Sin and Me

Repentance, Sin and Me–Part 2 When I was about 15 years old I had earned a .22 rifle for working for my grandfather. I was eager to use it and… Read more »


Repentance, Sin and Me In the recent past my attention has been drawn to the matter of sin and repentance. There have been two sources that God has used to… Read more »


At this time of year in our town as you drive down Main Street heading toward the A&W the horizon is dominated by a very large star. It appears to… Read more »

Regional Update

In this issue of E-Central there is an article on prayer by Dave Cetti. Dave will be the facilitator for our Regional Prayer Summit on September 27-30, 2004. By now… Read more »

The Wise Youth Pastor

Mike was one of the youth sponsors at our church who was trying hard to connect with a student named William. He was excited about an upcoming retreat and hopeful… Read more »

Reduced to the Primary

In his book, The Present Future, Reggie McNeal writes: “…we have the best churches money can build, but are still waiting for the church that only God can get credit… Read more »