Scholarship History

In 1992, Burns Avenue Baptist Church, a Minnesota religious association, and North Central
Conservative Baptist Association (NCCBA) entered into an agreement to establish The Henry
C. Spicer Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is available to High School seniors who attend an
NCCBA church, and are planning to continue their education post High School. The eligible
applicant must be a committed Christian, showing evidence of the desire to follow the
Lordship of Christ in his or her life.

The NCCBA appoints a committee to evaluate the participants’ applications. The amount and
number of awards may change from year to year. Four $500 checks were awarded into the
2011/2012 school year. The scholarship money is sent directly to the college or university of
the recipient’s choice.

All NCCBA affiliated churches are encouraged to invite their Senior high school students to
apply for the Henry C. Spicer Scholarship.