“Encouraging young people to confidently communicate and defend the gospel”
Annual Youth Apologetics & Preaching Competition

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The purpose of Engage is to promote and encourage churches to mentor and develop young people to effectively learn, communicate and defend Biblical truth.

Who can participate?
The competition consists of two levels of participants, novice and advanced. The novice level is open to students in their freshman or sophomore years of high school. While there are no https://www.francaisonlinecasinos.net/scholarship awards for students in the novice level
prizes will be awarded. Students who compete at the novice level gain valuable experience in preparation for competition
at the advanced level in subsequent years. The advanced level is open to students in their junior and senior year of high
school. There are monetary scholarship awards for students in the advanced level who place in first, second or third in
the apologetics or the preaching competition as described in the scholarship section below. At the same time, take your time to have a look at casino goldenrivieracasino if you want to have good time.The apologetics competition
is open to young men and women while the preaching competition is open to young men only.